iGaming Tracker


The position of a game on a casino site is crucial. Having the right games in the best positions means more revenue, GameTracker will help you improve profitability.

How It Works

We track hundreds of online casino sites across several countries every 24 hours. We monitor the top casinos and track which game occupies each position.

We present this intelligence using online dashboards where you can easily visualise the data. You can slice and dice the data using filters such as date, country, device, site, site type, page, games supplier and game.

Be The First To Know

We can send email notifications of new games and game movements configurable at your request. The software is ideal for understanding the impact of new game releases on casino sites.

Identify Behaviour

Do online casinos change games on a regular basis? How quickly do new games churn from the page? Are there patterns you can exploit? Is your share of real estate increasing or decreasing? This data is easily available with GameTracker.

Compare Competitor Performance

GameTracker allows you to benchmark your growth and performance over time against the competition.