GameLoader launches games from casino sites and measures the time from launching the game to when the game is ready to play. We can perform the same test over multiple;

  • Sites
  • Regions
  • Devices
  • Bandwidths

Benefits To You

Email Alerts
Improve Efficiency

GameLoader will show how efficient your games are at loading over time;

  • Identify game load errors
  • Analyse abnormal game loading times and failed loads
  • We send email notifications to you, which can be configured by Game/Error code
Market Intelligence
Market Intelligence

GameLoader compares game loading times between;

  • Competitor sites
  • Multiple game suppliers
  • Multiple pages within your site
  • Different time periods (e.g. peak evening vs. Saturday afternoon etc.)
Improve profitability

Slow loading times and failed games loads will affect your revenue;

  • Loss of game play for the specific game
  • The loss of gaming sessions and possible churn
  • Potential reduction in “share of wallet” of a customer due to service perception