A recommendation engine which predicts the 3 most similar games for each game played. Our recommendation engine is product focussed, using 16 parameters to determine a game score. You can control the importance of each parameter to optimise your game match

Our recommendation engine is offered on multiple levels, from a simple site where you can access the data to an API. We can customise you feed specifically to your own site content, a specific territory or using our whole global database.

How It Works

We have developed a comprehensive games database, with multiple parameters for each game. These include game themes, volatility, game type, studio, buy feature and much more. For each game we look at all the features and match it with the 3 most similar games in our database.

You can adjust the weightings of each parameter to optimise your recommended games. For example if you would like to increase the importance of the game theme and studio compared to the RTP, you can adjust the weightings.

How Its Delivered

A Secure website allows you view the recommended games and alter the weightings of the game inputs. You will be able to output the games as a csv. We can provide an API with all game data, plus game data for each recommended game, allowing you to integrate into your own eco-system.

We can also limit the database to only include games for a specific site, jurisdiction or both. This allows the data to be bespoke to your own specific needs. If you provide your game name and ID, we can also match the games and include into our data, simplifying integration with your database.

Contact Us

If you would like to find out more, contact us for a demonstration and see how our data can help you.